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Project Description

Setting up an emoney management system with digital wallets is a cumbersome task for start-ups and small businesses: Usually, it is far off their core business and ties up resources and manpower required to further the company’s actual selling points. Moreover it comes with potential risks: Fintech software is hard to do right and can have severe consequences done wrong. To help such companies get their fintech services up and running without any drawbacks, trimplement has developed balancr. Providing a ready-to-use API, balancr is easily integrated into your own infrastructure, enabling you to issue and transfer various kinds of emoney and stored value.

Don’t worry with the technical details: With balancr, you can focus on your own USPs while building your fintech services on a solid, secure and scalable emoney management foundation – it’s the short time to market solution!

balancr Features

balancr is a battle-proven platform, fit to your fintech requirements:

  • Easy integration via a RESTful API
  • B2B, B2C and P2P transfers
  • Sandbox environment for risk-free integration testing
  • Access to historical transfer and balance data
  • Manages emoney, credits, loyalty points, kilometers and many other kinds of stored value
  • Manages cryptocurrency (XBT, ETH, XRP and many more)
  • Developed according to PCI DSS requirements
  • Use balancr for free until your business grows

balancr Offers Flexible Pricing Models

balancr scales with your business:

Active Wallets (up to) Transactions (up to) Price Per Month (excl. VAT)
100 3.000 FREE
1.000 30.000 50 €
10.000 250.000 250 €
50.000 2.000.000 1.000 €
150.000 5.000.000 2.500 €
500.000 10.000.000 5.000 €

For 5.000 € / month (excl. VAT) you can also licence an on-premise version of balancr to run it off-client on your own infrastructure.

The Lightweight Wallet-as-a-Service

balancr is well-equipped for various business contexts. See the following table for possible ways to use it:

As a… You might want to use balancr to…
Budget Manager …build an application to help your users tracking their expenses and staying within a budget
Gaming Portal …manage your players virtual currencies, like coins or in-game resources
Online Shop …keep track of the reward points of customers in your incentive programs
Car Rental Service …oversee the amount of kilometers driven or hours spent with your rental cars
Stock Image Provider …manage your buyers’ and sellers’ credit accounts and transfers

Visit the balancr homepage!

Want to get started with balancr? Sign up for free on the balancr homepage. You will also find additional information, documentation and our API-docs for download there.
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Project Details

  • Date May 8, 2017
  • Tags Blockchain, Emoney, Wallet
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