High performance emoney wallet solution

Project Description

To help our customers with a high-quality and quick time-to-market for wallet-based software systems, trimplement has developed a product called the CoreWallet. It is a collection of components based on which various wallet-based products can be built. The CoreWallet provides basic infrastructure, such as accounting, core data management, common wallet financial processes and external payment integration, which can be customized and extended by the products that use it.

With the CoreWallet, you can have a system that allows your users:

  • to have an account balance (in any and multiple currencies) with customizable emoney types (e.g. available and reserved emoney)
  • to manage transactions that influence the account balance (such as payment)
  • to manage their data required for e.g. KYC-processes

CoreWallet products

Very different products can be built upon the CoreWallet, some existing examples are:

  • CryptoCoin exchange platform Yacuna backend and UI
  • Stored-value emoney wallet backend and UI, integrated in an existing online payment system
  • Online payment system backend with purchase processing and merchant billing

CoreWallet features

The CoreWallet provides a large set of features to support many different wallet business processes, some of which are:

  • customizable accounting system with virtual currency, subsidiary and emoney-type support
  • core data management with customizable KYC-processes and verification levels
  • multi-currency wallets
  • customizable fees and limits
  • flexible and extendable API for UI integration and customization
  • role-based administration UI for the CoreWallet
  • flexible and extendable PSP integration module
  • extensive monitoring data, with easy integration into the ElasticSearch/LogStash/Kibana pipepline

Proven technology

The CoreWallet is built using leading technology frameworks, such as Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Quartz, JUnit.

Your wallet product?

Please contact us if you are interested in using the CoreWallet for your own wallet-product! There are various solution options, depending on your needs and available resources. See the following table for possible wallet products:

As a… You might want to use CoreWallet to…
Online wallet provider …manage your customers emoney balance
Gaming portal …manage your players virtual currency accounts
City/State/Administrative District …manage your citizens fee and fine accounts
Trading platform …manage your customers value accounts
Online shop …manage your customers purchases, payments and refunds

Visit the CoreWallet homepage!

You can find more information, use cases and our CoreWallet whitepaper for download on the CoreWallet landing page.
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Project Details

  • Client Various
  • Date October 1, 2017
  • Tags Emoney, Wallet
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