Payment Solutions for Car Manufacturers and Service Providers

Create and implement payment gateways and electronic wallets for the automotive industry with the CoreWallet framework.

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Use cases

Implement Payments for Your
Connected Car Use Case

A road displaying a toll amount

Automatic Toll Payments

Have your cars pay tolls automatically and cash-free when crossing the border.

A wallet icon attached to a smart car, representing car payments

In-Car Payments

Process e-money transactions in multiple currencies via the car computer.

A car speedometer, which is unlocked after a payment

Paid Engine Power

Allow your customers to unlock additional power, pre-configured in you E-car's engine.

A hand selecting between different digital services on a car-computer

Digital Marketplace for In-Car Content

Integrate online shops for purchasing music, roadmaps and other digital content in the car computer.

A car standing on a parking space reserved online

Car Lending and Car Sharing

Pay for car-lending vehicles via e-wallet or organize finances of a car-sharing vehicle pool.

A car standing on a parking space reserved online

Subscription Services

Offer subscriptions, e.g. for parking spaces, settled directly from the in-car payment account.


Don't Reinvent the Wheel

You want connected car payments to be convenient, compliant, highly adjustable and providing a top-notch user experience –
a single ready-to-use PSP cannot fully cover that. Benefit from a battle-proven, secure software framework with a comprehensive feature set instead.

No Vendor Lock-In

Remain independent of external payment service providers in terms of pricing and feature planning – it’s your solution, so you own the code.

Payment Transaction Routing

Offer your merchants automated routing to always take the ideal transaction path – like the optimal PSP or acquirer to handle a specific payment.

Multi-PSP Integration for Global Accessibility

Easily implement APIs from PSPs operating all over the world and thus make sure your customers prefer your solution offering convenient payment methods.

Reports and Audits

Send out reports and bills to the clients of your platform and conclude internal analysis based on the data stored in the system.

Easy Merchant Onboarding

Provide one single, unified API for the merchants and service providers on your platform and get them on board without complications.

Optional E-Wallet Functionalities

Turn your payment solution into a full-fledged electronic wallet and give your users access to their e-money balance, P2P transactions, in-wallet refunds or loyalty point programs.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Save long-term costs and efforts by relying on flexible payment orchestration and the benefits mentioned above.


Drive Your Business Forward with CoreWallet

Bring payment into your cars and on your driver’s devices. CoreWallet comes with all the core functionalities needed in a payment solution – and a flexible framework to integrate the unique touch of your business.

And should you need additional support, we are eager to lend a hand: As a payment software provider, we support you at each stage of your project. Tell us more about your vision!

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The interior of a car, with the car computer displaying a checkout screen

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