Target Group

The Digital Wallet Solution for...

  • eCommerce and online marketplace platforms looking for custom-tailored payment gateway or digital wallet software
  • Fintech businesses who must ensure compliance with AML regulations, PCI DSS and KYC requirements in their payment system
  • Service providers wanting to develop a white-label eWallet or payment gateway solution to sell on to third-party companies
  • Banks seeking to provide modern add-on services for their customers
  • Many other use cases
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Use cases

Implement your eMoney Vision
with CoreWallet

CoreWallet is an adaptable software framework for payment processing, digital wallets and electronic
value management. As such it caters to a variety of industries and product visions.

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Handle eMoney, cryptocurrency and digital assets of all kinds and allow your customers to store them or pay with them.

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Prepaid Cards

Track eMoney balances for your prepaid cards, with top-ups, withdrawals, and payment transactions.

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Marketplace Payment Gateways

Execute multi-currency payments using various payment methods while managing the balances of your sellers and buyers.

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Automotive Payment Systems

Equip your cars with electronic wallets for in-car payments and run payment systems for online purchases.

Our Automotive Payment Use Case

And There Is More!

Maximum flexibility is at the core of the CoreWallet – it’s a software solution made to base your unique product on. Tell us your use case!

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Full-Fitted for the World of Digital Money

Our software solution provides all the basic structures and processes that are required in an eMoney wallet or payment product such as:

CoreWallet features efficient transaction management. The software processes transactions of various types out of the box, like purchases, top-ups, fundings, withdrawals, refunds and invoices and it is easily extendable to support new types of business transactions. If you’re tracking the purpose of a balance separately, you can make use of the generic balance transaction feature.
CoreWallet can be configured to handle multiple emoney types and currencies (fiat, virtual and cryptocurrencies) within one business transaction and one single wallet. This goes hand in hand with flexible account configuration options, like defining fees and limits (e.g. for AML purposes) or restricting usage based on account type.
CoreWallet enables multi-tenancy platforms with variable settings per merchant account, including settlement and billing process configurations. In addition, it’s possible to set up full and guest wallets for customers, both with different permissions to store core data and manage payment instruments.
CoreWallet allows you to integrate different product-specific payment providers and methods like credit card, instant bank payment or direct debit. Also, you can implement less common, locally used payment methods – all using the same generalized integration.
CoreWallet comes with a context-based payment routing, enabling applications to automatically select the best option for processing a payment. The routing considers several parameters like payment method, currency, or MCC by default, and can be enhanced easily. This allows you to avoid penalties by actively relieving chargeback-ridden acquirer contracts, or to present a customized bag of payment methods to your consumers.
CoreWallet permits you to adapt business processes to local AML, KYC and CTF requirements. It offers basic functionalities to support e.g. KYC procedures like document verification or AML-related limits. Also, it allows for rapid integration of third-party providers.
CoreWallet offers a public RESTful stateless API. In addition, it features an Admin-API for internal processes. Also included: A Test client UI (Swagger) for internal use to test both public and Admin APIs, with precise documentation for their operations.
CoreWallet makes it easy to operate your product effectively. Service monitoring of system load and performance helps you ensure peak functionality. Admin users have access to all relevant data for customer care and system configuration, from transaction details to the audit trail. The Admin UI is fully extendable at will.


Why CoreWallet Is for You

High flexibility. Reliable technology. Short time to market. It’s these three factors that decide whether your business product will impact the competitive fintech, payment and eCommerce market.

And it’s what CoreWallet excels at. Our solution enables you to create a ready-to-market product in a cost-effective manner by providing a strong software foundation for eWallets, payment gateways and virtual account management systems. You can use those building blocks as-is or reconfigure them to fit your product vision. Third-party functionalities can be integrated seamlessly into the framework, which enables you to quickly adapt to local markets, payment infrastructures and security requirements. Many years of application on part of various clients show: CoreWallet is a battle-proven framework, ready to propel your unique eWallet or payment software product.

To meet your model, we offer you licensing options to match your company size, structure and budget plan. You will appreciate the rapid return on investment and the quality built by professionals.

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The Tech Behind the Wallet

To learn more about the technical details of the CoreWallet solution, please browse through to our documentation portal. There you get all the details about our available APIs, licensing models and software framework specifications.

CoreWallet documentation
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