Use cases

Ways you can use CoreWallet

Online Payment

Use CoreWallet to manage your customers' emoney balance and process payments worldwide.


Use CoreWallet to manage your customers' value accounts.


Use CoreWallet to manage your players' virtual currency accounts and let them trade items.


Use CoreWallet to manage your customers' purchases, payments, payouts and refunds.

Cities, States
or Districts

Use CoreWallet to manage your citizens' fee and fine accounts.

P2P Market

Use CoreWallet to manage balances, transactions and settlements of your sellers and buyers.

Features (excerpt)

What CoreWallet provides

  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Public RESTful stateless API, Admin-API for internal processes and a generated API testclient UI for internal use.
  • Customizable backoffice UI for system administration and customer care.
  • Support for full and guest wallets. Full wallet users can store and manage their core data and payment instruments.
  • Infrastructure for user communication like email and SMS sending.
  • Multiple shops with different configuration per merchant account. Configurable settlement and billing processes.
  • Generation of different documents (like account statement) and reports for admin users.
  • Support for different transaction types like purchase, payment, funding, withdrawal, refund, P2P, invoice.
  • Extension points for an easy integration of different product-specific payment providers and payment methods.
  • Business contract management and context-based contract routing (selection of the best contract for processing a payment).
  • Support for multiple emoney types and restricted usage based on account type.
  • Handling of multiple currencies including virtual currencies.
  • Efficient account, transfer and balance management.
  • Highly configurable limits (to comply with AML regulations) and fees.
  • Log creation for audit purposes for all important actions on a wallet.
  • Internal service monitoring and statistics to ensure correct functionality and analysis of the system load and performance.
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Explore CoreWallet

If you would like to learn more about the technical details of CoreWallet, please browse through to our CoreWallet documentation portal. There you can inform yourself about our available APIs and licensing models and try out our sample application.

CoreWallet documentation


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