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Financial Software for Businesses

Rooted in the Cologne fintech scene, trimplement is your partner for custom cryptoexchange, emoney and stored value management software. We know that unique business models call for unique solutions. But building products like payment or banking applications from scratch comes with risks and expenses. Our adaptable frameworks bridge the gap between pinpoint functionality and rapid execution.


Feature-Rich, Connectable Solutions

Build an application that fits your requirements, but always stay in control. Our software comes with an extensive range of functions for processing:

A stylized banknote dissipating into bits of software code, symbolizing emoney.


A stylized bank building, circuited by currency symbols, symbolizing FIAT money.


Stylized coins displaying symbols of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, which symbolize cryptocurrencies and tokens as a whole.


A stylized safe connected to the wires, symbolizing digital stored values of all kinds.


All our software products were designed with maximum flexibility in mind. They come with RESTful APIs as well as predefined extensions and configuration points. They allow you to simply integrate the trimplement software foundations with your preferred 3rd party applications, like PSPs or KYC providers. Get your emoney business going with short time to market!

Our products

Efficient and Adaptable Software Frameworks

Today, business success is not about the change in our pockets, but the assets in our digital wallets. Our three flagship products come with all the functions required in an emoney or crypto management application. Seize business opportunities in the realm of financial technologies – in a scalable, cost-effective manner and with focus on your USPs.

The circular logo of CoreWallet, the high-performance emoney management software by trimplement.


The high-performance emoney and virtual account management platform. Implement applications for online payment and digital money management within short time to market – all fitting to your unique business logic.

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The arrow-shaped logo of CoreExchange, the white-label cryptocurrency exchange by trimplement.


The white-label cryptocurrency exchange. Run your own high-security trading platform for digital currencies and adapt it easily to the specific needs of your business, with flexible limits, fees and KYC processes.

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The circular logo of balancr, the ready-to-use emoney solution by trimplement.


The ready-to-use emoney solution. Access scalable stored value management with our flexible API. Lightweight and useable right out of the box.

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What Our Clients Say

trimplement has successfully created emoney management solutions and financial products for companies from all over the globe. Here is what they say:


Established Standards

Our emoney software platforms hail from the minds of veteran software experts. We look back on years of experience in the digital payment industry and undergo regular security trainings. We complement such human expertise with technological excellence: All products are built using established frontend, backend, and database technologies.

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Our Key Competencies

How We Generate Value For You

We lay the foundations on which you can build, whether you are aiming for a marketplace solution, a new payment gateway or a fintech business which doesn’t have a term yet. And should you require additional support: trimplement provides fintech consulting and agile software engineering in every stage of the development lifecycle. Contact us to brainstorm possible products and use cases for your business.

Three small boxes, symbolizing the three enterprise products by trimplement.

Enterprise Products

The trimplement software platforms are made to be compatible with a great variety of business models and commercial infrastructures.

Two speech bubbles overlaying each other, symbolizing trimplement’s consulting service.


The trimplement experts provide consulting around your Fintech Software Engineering and Payments Operations needs.

A stylized code editor, symbolizing trimplement’s software development services.

Software Development

The trimplement team provides full software engineering services, from design to development to testing, deployment and maintenance.


What's new

As an emoney software provider, we know: In fintech, standing still means stumbling over one’s own feet ultimately. We stay up-to-date on the hot developments in the financial industry. Discover use cases and insights into software development, payment and banking topics on our blog.

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