Fintech Expertise for Every Stage of Your Project

From the initial planning up to deployment and maintenance, you can rely on our competent software engineering and project management experts. Benefit from our domain knowledge as well as our agile software development. Whether you are an established payment company or an aspiring start-up. Whether you want to offer B2B or B2C services. We enable fintech, in every direction

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Consulting Services

Our experts provide architectural consulting and project management. You can build on our decade-long experience in the international financial industry to devise a foundation for your e-wallet and online payment businesses.
Trust in...

  • Long-term experience in building financial applications.
  • Comprehensive domain knowledge (Payment Processing, Emoney license requirements, Fraud/Risk Management)
  • Expertise in security and compliance processes (KYC, AML / CFT, PCI DSS) and local regulations
  • Agile development and project management expertise (Kanban, Scrum, LeSS)


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Fintech Software Development

At trimplement, we focus on your vision. We develop our software solutions to precisely fit your business model, commercial infrastructure and regulatory requirements.
Benefit from…

  • Usage of well-established frameworks (e.g. Java 11, Spring, Hibernate,…) as well as innovative technologies (e.g. blockchain…), as demanded
  • Expertise in secure coding according to PCI DSS, guaranteed by yearly training
  • Automation based on modern technologies (e.g. Docker, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Flyway...)
  • Automated testing and code analysis (e.g. SonarQube...)
  • Extensive domain knowledge in digital payment and eWallet software engineering
  • High-performing software solutions, custom-tailored to local market requirements and compliance processes.

The logo of CoreWallet, the payment and e-wallet framework by trimplement

The Essential Solution

If you need a principal code foundation for your payment or eWallet product, have a look at CoreWallet. It’s specifically designed to implement such software applications. And our development team is on hand to help you realize the custom product you envisioned.

Discover CoreWallet


The trimplement Workflow

Travelling at the speed of data, we use modern tools to apply our know-how instantly in your software projects all over the world. We prefer a remote working approach for its immediacy. It allows our software engineering team to be highly available for you, while not having to consider additional travelling times. But if your project requires a developer’s presence on-site, we are ready to integrate external work periods into our schedules.
As a general line-up, we set one of our solution architects to supervise the efforts for your project. They act as your primary contact partner, translating the original vision into software and directing the software development team during implementation. It’s perfectly possible for you to deploy your own solution architects with trimplement providing the developers and vice versa.
We trust in the iterative Scrum method for driving the product development processes. Thus, we can keep our development teams manageable and produce as little overhead as possible. At the switchboard of this workflow sits our Scrum Master. They coordinate the team efforts, tie up working packages and facilitate the entire development, maintenance and roll-out process.
We are dedicated to continuous delivery, releasing every story once it is done and approved. You don’t have to wait for months for a big bang installation to be put out – smaller release packages are easier to review and less error-prone. This practice allows us to integrate feedback on bugs or new features, too. Instead of keeping separate development and quality assurance teams, we use the four-eye principle and automated QA and CI/CD processes. Should your company favour a different development approach though, we are ready to adapt.
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Consulting and Software Engineering – at the Pulse of the Market

The digital fintech and payment industry evolves rapidly – and it’s always upping its pace. Building the software for emoney and payment processing is increasingly designed with the multi-national market in mind. So auxiliary processes, risk management and local regulatory requirements (AML or KYC) pose additional challenges for financial service providers.

With our help, you overcome such challenges. Our service portfolio culminates years of working in the fintech industry and consulting international online payment providers. We have realized a great variety of use cases, from eWallet systems to payment gateways to cryptocurrency exchanges.

But when it comes to you, it’s your product that matters. Our highly experienced development team is all set to get your product up and running – fully functional and in a short time to market.


Let's Partner Up

Are you planning to launch a payment gateway? To equip a new SmartCar with a wallet? To build up a loyalty programme for a B2B brand? Or are we no way near your business idea? In any case, we want to hear about it. Let’s discuss how our software and consulting services can contribute.



Fintech and Payment Insights, to the Point

As an emoney software provider, we know: In fintech, standing still means stumbling over one’s own feet ultimately. We stay up-to-date on the hot developments in the financial industry. Discover use cases and insights into software development, payment and banking topics on our blog.

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