Technical and Strategic Advice by Fintech Specialists

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Software Architecture Consulting

We help you plan your payment or eWallet product – from finding the perfect software frameworks to prop up your project to questions of microservice architecture, cloud infrastructure and API design.

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Technical Review

On request, our experts assess your products as well as third-party solutions and reports. Get detailed reviews of architecture, codebase and infrastructure. Work with our software engineers to improve your product’s functionalities and performance, in accordance with your specifications.

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Payments Consulting

We provide specialists for strategic consultancy, ranging from product development to compliance and digital transformation. Rely on years of practical experience in the financial industry and our extensive network, allowing you to build relationships to new business partners.

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Software Architecture and Development Consulting

Building high-performance software amounts to more than just writing the code. The trimplement fintech experts offer support for every development stage of your payment or eWallet product, including:

  • Technical review of your existing software architecture and infrastructure
  • Initial conception of your software product, according to business vision and requested functionalities
  • Assessment of business requirements and choice of technology (programming language, software frameworks, third party solutions etc.) for the product
  • Software architecture and API design
  • Project management based on Scrum and other agile development methodologies
  • Support with tenders (RFI to RFP) and selection of potential partners from business and technology fields like:
    • PSPs and Acquirers
    • Risk and Fraud Prevention
    • KYC
    • Data Validation
    • Credit Card Tokenization
  • DevOps for the whole product life-cycle including infrastructure, scaling, monitoring, system health and more
  • Containerization and cloud orchestration
  • Analysis, setup and improvement of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes
  • Infrastructure as code: Versioned definition of production environments
  • Workshops on secure coding and security awareness to your team


Workshops and Training

Expand your team members’ knowledge with our workshops, dealing with topics such as payments infrastructure or secure coding and security awareness according to PCI DSS requirements.


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Payments and Business Consulting

Relying on professionals from the payment industry, trimplement offers advice around payments operations and business development, including:

  • Assessment of your payments setup from design to operations, including internal and external payments processes and cross-border transactions
  • Finding the best partners for payments processing and/or fraud management, and choosing the best-suited payment methods for your business
  • Holistic analysis of payment-related costs
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance for marketplaces, PSD2 or PCI DSS
  • Preparation of and support for PCI DSS audits, in collaboration with your commissioned QSAs
  • Strategy development and optimization of your digital transformation activities
  • External product ownership for your payments related projects
  • Design, optimization, assembly of
    • Checkout and conversion processes, applying the latest insights on user behaviour and preferences
    • Fraud management, from manual screening to highly automated decision processes applying machine learning technology
    • Marketplaces, with local or global scale and regulatory compliance
    • Subscription processes, across channels, with a high focus on churn prevention
    • Payments data analytics, evaluating existing data or setting up data warehouses
    • Reporting processes, making sure that both business and bookkeeping departments get their daily data in time
  • Payments Infrastructure Workshops


Support from International Payment Industry Experts

For more than 10 years, trimplement has been at the pulse of the digital financial industry. We have worked with clients from all over the world, honing the skills of our experienced team of multi-national and multi-lingual software developers.

But it’s not about others, it’s about you!

From step one of the development process, we cater our consulting work to your specific business requirements. Through our agile development and project management procedures, we can easily adapt to your workflows. At every project stage, we provide you with a competent reference person. They provide support when you want to make your software fit all requirements regarding emoney licensing, fraud and risk management, security and compliance (KYC, AML / CFT, PCI DSS) as well as regional regulatory processes.

In trimplement, you will find reliable, pragmatic and competent partners, committed to a results-oriented mindset – in development as well as consulting.

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