Fintech Software, Right to Your Preferences

Your vision is our mission: Ill-fitting turnkey software can only do so much to support your financial or commercial business. We believe your product deserves a high-quality implementation. Trust in our function-oriented software and bring out every nuance of your business model.

Our programming team presents vast development experience, honed in successful fintech projects for different industries and use cases.

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Financial Software Solutions for Your Industry

trimplement has acted as an end-to-end software development company for a wide variety of industries. We can provide payment financial service and e-wallet software for:

  • Airlines
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Construction Industry
  • Delivery Service Companies
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • eWallet Providers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Marketplace Providers
  • PSPs
  • Travel Industry
  • Property Management Companies

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Enterprise Software Development for Your Business Case

Payment is our playfield – no matter the rules your product plays by. Whether it’s B2B, B2C or P2P, be it fiat-based or tokenized on the blockchain – we will turn it into an API-based, highly functional solution. Implement business cases like:

  • Marketplace Checkouts
  • Add-ons for Core Banking Services
  • Payment Gateways
  • Payment Gateways
  • E-Wallets with Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile Applications
  • Monetization Platforms
  • Prepaid Card
  • Social Payments
  • Donation Systems

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Implement Your Vision

Seeking your industry? Missing your use case? No problem! Our experienced financial software development team will meet you where you stand. We are all set to implement fintech, e-wallet and payment applications for all manners of businesses.



Software Development,
Tried And Timely

Having contributed to over many financial software projects, our software engineers and solution architects quickly adapt to new work environments and industries. The trimplement programmers exercise the full spectrum of fintech development services – from initial design to rollout and post-launch maintenance, from monolithic to microservice architectures.

Our software developers follow the beat of the Scrum: We commit to an agile, iterative workflow. This way, we reduce overhead and maintain the flexibility to easily fall in line with your company’s preferred working style.
Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly into your own service infrastructure. Also, it provides you the opportunity to connect third-party services as needed. We follow industry best practices, like layered software design or separation of interfaces and implementation. Thus we produce consistent code that is easy to test and maintain. We ensure that exposed RESTful APIs are well documented, easy to integrate, and properly secured.
We use state-of-the-art CI/CD automation for development, code testing and after-launch monitoring. This guarantees continuous integration of changes while keeping iteration speed high.
Developing financial software demands diligence and security awareness. Our programmers are highly qualified in secure coding and data processing, undergoing regular training to keep up with the latest security standards. All our products are prepared to be fully PCI DSS compliant.


We Build It, You Own It, We Take Care of it

We are no mere software development service provider – we are here to enable your business idea.

That means you can rely on us at every stage of development – whether you require a full-scale, dedicated team of software engineers or prefer to work with your own developers. In any case, one of our experienced Solution Architects will support you, translating your business models into technical solutions and acting as a facilitator between you and our team.

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Your Dev Team

  • You can use CoreWallet, our payment and e-wallet software foundation
  • We will hold an introduction workshop
  • Your own team performs the development
  • Our Solution Architect will provide ongoing support
  • Your Project Manager/Scrum master will coordinate the efforts

Mixed Dev Team

  • You can use CoreWallet, our payment and e-wallet software foundation
  • You take our team members in to support you with development
  • Our Solution Architect will provide ongoing support
  • Our or Your Project Manager/Scrum master will coordinate the efforts
A radio receiver device, representing a work mode, in which trimplement developers work as part of the client’s team
A radio receiver device, representing a work mode, in which the trimplement team developers a product for the client

Our Dev Team

  • You can use CoreWallet, our payment and e-wallet software foundation
  • Our Solution Architect will help you define and design your unique solution
  • Our team develops it for you
  • Our Project Manager/Scrum master will coordinate the efforts
  • (Optional) We deal with operations
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No matter which of the packages you chose, you always benefit from...

  • Extensive Domain Knowledge in digital finance, payment processing, emoney management and blockchain technology
  • Knowledge transfer sessions and technical consulting
  • Agile financial software development processes


Remote or On-Site?

We know how to make remote efficient. As a software development company, we have concluded all our projects successfully while working remotely with international and distributed teams. However, we are ready to have our software engineers travel on-site if your business requires.

Please speak to our managing directors about prerequisites and conditions.

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The logos of frameworks and technology used in trimplement software development


What Keeps Our Fintech Software Going

Our fintech software products rely on a number of established frameworks such as Java, Spring and Quartz for the backend and React, Sass and Material UI for the frontend. By using Hibernate, our products also support different relational databases: You’re free to choose among MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL and more.

For in-depth information about our technology and our technical specifications, browse through our documentation portals. There you will find information about our UI, APIs, Data Model, Licensing and much more.



Let's Partner Up

Are you planning to launch a payment gateway? To equip a new SmartCar with a wallet? To build up a loyalty programme for a B2B brand? Or are we no way near your business idea? In any case, we want to hear about it. Let’s discuss how our software and consulting services can contribute.



Fintech and Payment Insights, to the Point

As an emoney software provider, we know: In fintech, standing still means stumbling over one’s own feet ultimately. We stay up-to-date on the hot developments in the financial industry. Discover use cases and insights into software development, payment and banking topics on our blog.

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